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    Quoth the Rav3n, Nevermore...


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    Quoth the Rav3n, Nevermore... Empty Quoth the Rav3n, Nevermore...

    Post by Rav3n on Thu May 14, 2015 5:20 am

    Well I registered here, so I might as well make an introduction thread.  I didn't see a specific section to put this in, so I'll leave it here (in Spam) and that way, I can't go too far wrong! xD

    All joking aside, welcome to my intro thread!  I guess you'll want some info about me since you're here, so here you go:

    I'm a mid-20s former uni student from Scotland (shoutout to Spyra ^^) and, among other things, I'm the Community Manager for a voxel-based online fps game (not sure I can say more than that in case I'm banned for advertising it).  With regards to TTT and Draco in particular, I'm currently an Ultra VIP Donator, or I sometimes joke around with "Donator Prime" since I've been told that I'm the only donator at this point.  However, I've only really been around TTT and the Draco server for about a week by this point, but I've already racked up about 33 hours of gameplay in that time if that tells you anything! xD

    To the DracoGrotto community and staff, I can't thank you enough for all the emotions you've put me through (yes, even the bad ones Razz).  I have to give a big shoutout to Turbozack as well, as it was him who managed to drag me from my community to yours in the first place - in hindsight, I'm glad I hired him now! xD  I also want to say hi to Inverted, for both starting this community in the first place and for tolerating my social issues better than most.  Lets just say that within 10 minutes of meeting her, she scared me straight! Razz

    As for the rest of you, I look forward to seeing you all ingame, though not so much to you all handing my ass to me on a silver platter... just promise me its real silver though! xD
    If anyone has any questions, you can ask me ingame or post in this thread.


    P.S. I'm aware that my accent can be a bit strong when I talk ingame.  If that's the case, just use Spyra as a translator. Razz

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    Post by turbozack on Thu May 14, 2015 7:09 am

    Personally, I feel I made a great decision bringing you to our server. I'm even more ecstatic that your loving every moment of it. Hopefully, you'll stay out of trouble, we've seen how even the most beloved of members get perma-banned in an instant, and I pray someday that won't be you. I'm really happy seeing you connect to the community the way you have, and especially select members of the Grotto (i.e. the name you mentioned twice in your intro). And lastly, I'm happy to play with a good friend again, the days back on our other community were laughs and fun, but it's wonderful that there are great members of the community such as yourself, to help keep DracoGrotto alive. I don't think for a second that this server will ever split apart.

    (At least not until we execute the staff plan to mass RDM and leave, crash the server and start a new one where I'm in control)

    And Rav3n, don't worry. Inverted still scares me... silent

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    Post by ObsidianWulf on Fri May 15, 2015 6:16 am

    Glad to have you hear Rav3n.

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