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    Suggestion Thread?


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    Suggestion Thread? Empty Suggestion Thread?

    Post by JacuzziSplot on Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:17 am

    So there wasn't a formal place to put these anywhere I saw so I figured here would be as good as any. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for what might help to improve the server? I personally have 2 thoughts.

    1. I would like to see a couple more maps. Specifically I think some TTT maps would be awesome since they often have the TTT game mode in mind. There are some really good ones I'd love to see on the server like Dolls or Roy the Ship.

    2. I would like to see greater access to weapons. The reason for this is when the server gets crowded it is often difficult for everyone to arm themselves with anything at all, let alone the weapon they would like to see. So with that in mind I have 2 ideas to fix that.
             a. An f3 store with the ability to buy weapons directly from the store using points earned for playing on the server. This idea is my personal favorite but idk if it'd be relatively easy to implement or not. Nonetheless it's my favorite idea because it keeps map clutter down unlike my other, simpler idea.
             b. More weapon spawns. This would most likely be simpler to implement. My only issue with it is the maps may be cluttered up with a bunch of unused weapons when there are less players online

    I would love to hear more suggestions from others who read this and feedback on the suggestions that get posted here.

    Thank you for taking the time to read!
    cB Jedi
    cB Jedi

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    Suggestion Thread? Empty Re: Suggestion Thread?

    Post by cB Jedi on Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:01 am

    Nice thread Jacuzzi. I also think that they should add about two more rounds to every map before the server automatically changes the map.
    Sir Alex

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    Suggestion Thread? Empty Re: Suggestion Thread?

    Post by Sir Alex on Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:22 am

    Dude i would love for there to be a point gaining system of some sort, like you get 5 points for every 10 minutes on the server, or every kill gets you 1 point. I think it would be awesome if we could buy hats or little accessories, and depending on how much it changes your look altogether it should go up in price, or depending on how popular it is with the community, this would make it so people like the admins/mods/regulars get rewarded for being so awesome. A lot of people know that brtpm has a shit ton of time and so do a lot of other dedicated people on the server so i thought why not let them look stylish at the same time?

    My personal recommendations are: A luigi hat for that special guy who spyra wont let near her plumbing.
    A banana up the ass (or a hat like a banana Crying or Very sad ) for the guy who is just Officialy bananas at this point.
    A deagle somewhere on the body for venom, cause them jaun deags.
    A question mark for me, because i never stop changing my name.
    A furbie for Inverted, idk why, but im running out of thoughts.
    A flare gun holstered or on his back, for fam.
    A milk jug, for Cinx, or kinks, or konks, or asdfgjokjzj.
    A mini ak on the back for bev.
    A gigantic purple dildo on the back, for Rin.
    A book for walter.
    Money or a dollar sign for raven.
    And last but definitely least, (<--its a joke dont kill me plox Shocked ) A mischievous cat face for Spoora.
    This was all i could come up with but keep in mind these are just recommendations of what I think they would like to have.
    All of these have to do of what i think of their personalities, no offense to anyone!
    bounce affraid Sleep cherry lol! elephant alien cat I love you What a Face Arrow Exclamation Question Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Suspect

    Oh yeah and one last thing, If you donate you should get points depending on how much you paid, you figure out the prices cause im too lazy Sleep THANKS FOR READING~ SirAlexthewhateverthefuckiwanttobe!

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    Suggestion Thread? Empty Re: Suggestion Thread?

    Post by InvertedAudio on Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:29 pm

    While I appreciate the recommendations, there will be no pointshop or anything of that sort on the server. This is to minimize loading times and downloadable things people need in order to join. sorry

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    Suggestion Thread? Empty Re: Suggestion Thread?

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