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    TTT Server Rules Empty TTT Server Rules

    Post by InvertedAudio on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:11 pm

    No ghosting
    No Rdm (Random Death Match: Killing someone without evidence)<
    Respect other players
    Respect staff at all times
    People of the "Respected" rank should be respected as staff. Disrespect can warrant a permabann
    DO NOT kill afk's until overtime
    Listen to the staff when they tell you what's wrong and not
    No mic/chat spam
    No cheating or hacking
    Do not prop push or kill.
    Don't be a douche
    No disturbing or pornographic sprays and/or profile pictures
    No offensive names. (racist or otherwise)
    Must have a pronounceable name
    It can still be rdm if the person happened to be a T
    Having someone spell innocent backwards doesn't make someone proven or not
    Do not assume just because someone is not moving, that they are buying something from T shop.

    If you are friends with someone that gets banned for any reason, *Mainly mass rdm, being a dick, etc* It's up to staff discretion to ban you. You may appeal here on the forums.
    Do not prop surf or go to unaccessiable areas of the map.
    Do not claim rooms/etc
    If someone destroys a Health Station/T Tester, it's kosable

    T-Baiting. If you T-Bait and get killed, that's your own fault.
    This includes: Damaging people, saying you're a T, getting a T weapon and not calling it out, following people for a long time (Must be warned at least 3 times) imitating a Jihad, Shooting near people. (if you are just randomly shooting around, and not AT someone, it's not kosable)

    If you do any of these, or other specific things that staff consider T-baiting, do not complain about being killed.

    If someone reports you, and you just type bullshit or gibberish, it's an automatic 2 slays

    KOSable Offences:
    KOS = Kill On Sight
    If you stand near an unidentified body, or carry around one, it is kosable.
    If you see someone standing near an unidentified body, it is kosable.
    If you see someone running by, it is kosable.
    If you see someone with a Traitor weapon, it is kosable.

    Proven Offences:
    Proven = Someone has proven their innocence.
    If someone kills a Traitor, they are proven.
    If someone tests innocent in a tester, they are proven.
    If someone KOS's a Traitor, they are proven.


    Don't kill someone without a solid reason
    Obey Detectives
    You have the right to kill anyone that damages you

    Do not camp or delay the round ( Will get slapped at 1 minute mark in overtime for delaying)
    Do not kill your T buddies to prove your innocence

    No stupid orders
    Do not call out someone without a solid reason or evidence
    You have the right to kill someone that doesn't obey you after one warning


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