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    Minecraft Server Rules Empty Minecraft Server Rules

    Post by InvertedAudio on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:12 pm

    DracoGrotto Minecraft Server Rules
    The following rules are for the benefit of all the
    users of the server and are mostly based on
    common sense. Anyone found to be in violation of t
    hese rules will be warned or banned at
    the discretion of the DracoGrotto team.

    1. Griefing (i.e. the act of destruction or theft of property) is not allowed anywhere on
    the server.
    a. If a building or chest is clearly marked with its owner(s), it will fall under the griefing rule.

    2.Abuse towards any user will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes,
    but is not limited to: repeatedly killing playerswho have not agreed to PvP, mike
    spam in Raidcall, arguing with staff, griefing (as explained in Rule 1), etc.

    3. Do not argue with staff. Any type of rude, inflamm
    atory or abusive behaviour
    towards staff will result in a permanent ban. Furt
    hermore, in all matters, the decision
    of the DracoGrotto administration is final.
    a. For the purposes of this rule, staff will be marked with a coloured username:
    Owner: Pink
    Managers: Blue
    Staff: Green
    Builders: Gold

    4. If you do not appear in the list of staff members (below), do not claim to be staff or
    attempt to act as if you are. “Backseat moderating” is not permitted anywhere within
    the community and is grounds for immediate banning.

    5. All messages in the Minecraft server (including tho
    se on signs and in chat) as well as the Raidcall server must be in English where possible.

    In recognition of the fact that people under the age of 18 will access the server as well as people playing from their place of work, explicit and/or illegal content (and
    discussion of such) is not allowed anywhere on the server.

    In the event that you are banned anywhere within the community, any attempts to
    evade said ban will result in a permanent ban for part or all of the community.
    As well as the above rules, the DracoGrotto team reserve the right to take whatever actions
    are deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the server, even if there is no rule for agiven situation. The DracoGrotto team also reserve the right to amend these rules at any time without prior warning.

    Staff List
    (In order of seniority)
    InvertedAudio (InvertedAudioLP in server)
    Rav3n (“CM_Rav3n” in server)

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