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    Staff Application Empty Staff Application

    Post by Shadowlord126 on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:04 pm

    General Questions

    Steam Username: RebornLegend

    SteamID/Profile: STEAM_0:1:61908426

    Age: 17

    Total hours on Garry's Mod: 207

    Total hours on server: 10

    How long are you available in game per-day (over all the servers): 4 hours, but around 8 during the summer.

    Moderation Questions

    What special abilities can you provide?: I connect and have fun with the players. I can follow instructions easily and efficiently. I use my judgement and common sense when I carry out responsibilities, so I would make a great moderator.

    Why do you think you should be staff?: I haven't been playing on the server like many regulars I see, but I enjoy playing on the server and wish to help it grow. I would be a good moderator because I can follow the simple rules and enforce them. I don't troll or annoy people because it takes away the fun from playing with others, so if I become part of the staff, I can help make this server a better place. I hate when people start talking bullshit to other players, especially staff. they don't realize how the staff has dedicated a majority of their time to help this server grow.

    How would this promotion help you enforce server rules?: I know the rules very well and play by them. I agree with all the rules because it keeps the game fun and keeps people from cheating. I really wish to become part of this staff so I can help the moderators, admins, etc. with their jobs; being staff is a lot of work and I'm up for it. I want to help, so I want to be promoted so I can take appropriate actions when someone violates the rules. This will help keep the game going without any complaints.

    Why are you applying for this position?:I always see people on the server RDM'ing or trolling and trying to be funny, but that's inconsiderate to others trying to have fun. I love playing on this server and will continue to due so. A lot of new people join and instantly leave because of trolls who like to ruin everyone's fun by breaking the rules. I want to help this server grow by keeping these people out of the server or helping them realize it's more fun when you cooperatively play by the rules. I love all of the staff and wish to become part of this wonderful community!

    Do you understand the rules as they are written?: The rules are fairly simple and I don't understand how some idiots can't even follow such simple rules. so yea, I understand the rules as they are written lol.

    Do you understand that if you abuse your abilities you will be stripped of your power?: I fully understand that if I abuse my abilities I will be stripped of my power. It's sad that I see some admins on other servers abuse their power. It's even worse than regular users who troll because no one can ban the admins, which makes me want to instantly leave. No one wants to see corrupt servers.

    Tell us more about you: Well, I'm in high school and I live with a family of 5. I get on Gmod and play with my friends when I get back from school. My cousin (Retrospex) introduced me to this server and ever since it has been the only server I play on. I'm in my schools marching band and I play the Mellophone. I play French Horn in regular band though. I also like to play Basketball and Soccer with friends on my free time. I am looking to become an automotive technician when I graduate. I am studying cars in my school right now and I find it very interesting. Some things that i love would be Videogames, sports, and food from different cultures.

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