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    Post by turbozack on Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:16 am

    What better way to start the Off Topic section than with a post about my Youtube channel. I upload videos every week or so that involve GMOD TTT, and every video is taken on the DracoGrotto TTT server, so be sure to look out for you in the videos, that's what makes it fun!

    Here are a few videos I've created that do take place on the server:

    And here's an exclusive unlisted video me and my friend Fluermf created, just an FYI, whenever we're both on the server, we're most likely on a Skype call.

    Alright! So there you go!
    If you'd like to find my Youtube channel, just search turbozack! Or click on the Youtube logo in the bottom left hand side of one of the above videos.

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