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    Why am i ban? :(


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    Why am i ban? :( Empty Why am i ban? :(

    Post by Grizzly012 on Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:39 am

    here's the thing i've been ban almost 8 months but i couldnt talk to Inverted because i have to leave for work some of you guys now i'm in the army i was station in alaska for 7 months i just got back today lol

    I got ban 3 weeks before i leave and i have to prepare my self thats why i couldn't talk to any of you guys but i tried to talk to natttters to ask inverted but i guess she din't tell her or she did or just kept it secret and not tell me the reason.. Im still clueless all i know is someone told me that Inverted doesn't like me something like that its been long but i wont mention his/her name

    Well i'm hoping to play on the server again :3 it's a great server good staff and such but please Inverted shoot me a msg here if you see this and explain the resaon why you ban me :3 i know i lost my staff rank bc i was in active for months but after that im ban for no reason

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