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    Cinx's Staff Application Empty Cinx's Staff Application

    Post by Cinx on Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:55 pm

    Steam Username:    Cinx

    SteamID/Profile:    STEAM_0:0:98646936

    Age:    14 (15 in March 2016)

    Total hours on Garry's Mod:    Currently 345 Hours

    Total hours on server:    1 week, 2 days, 19 hours

    How long are you available in game per-day (over all the servers):    I’d say about 4-6 hours, I’m AVAILABLE. Actually being on with my own free will is something else.

    Moderation Questions

    What special abilities can you provide?:    Other than my own rational judgment and thinking, nothing outside any other normal, or even great, staff member.

    Why do you think you should be staff?:    For one, I’m not an idiot. Given the proper information as to what to do, I’ll do my job and get it done well. Secondly, not to be egotistical or anything, but I consider myself well-liked in the community. Staff likes me, Regulars like me. I’m respected because I don’t break the rules, and actively try NOT to do so, combined with the fact that I try to treat everyone, even Regulars and users, with the respect I would an Admin.

    How would this promotion help you enforce server rules?:    As of right now, I feel compelled to tell a random RDM’er what for, but decide that would be taking away from staff’s job, so I refrain from doing so. I feel that if I’m not a staff member, I cannot contribute the way I want to within the community, which involves enforcing rules I don’t have the authority or power to do so.

    Why are you applying for this position?:    I’ve been on the server for awhile, and have enjoyed most, if not all, of my time on the server. However, given that I’ve never had a staff position on any type of server anywhere (disclaimer, you’re welcome), that this would be a good server to start on.

    Do you understand the rules as they are written?:    Can’t respect the rules and try to avoid breaking them if you don’t understand them, so yes, I understand the rules as written.

    Do you understand that if you abuse your abilities you will be stripped of your power?:     Many unfortunate souls before have proven that question true, so yes, I understand that if I abuse my abilities, my power will be stripped.

    Tell us more about you:    Well, I am in high school. Straight A student and play the trumpet in the Marching Band (Both are the only reasons I’ll ever limit my time on any server). I enjoy soccer, golf, reading, video games, and just being with friends (both in real life and on the internet). I’m stuck between going to Law school and Medical school, and am actually considering going to the Naval Academy, if my asthma clears up by then.

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